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Graffiti was my first means of artistic expression. It was the early ‚Äė90s, and I was working as a model-maker by day and getting deep into the Hip Hop scene by night.

So I kicked my photography career off by documenting street art, and shooting concerts and album covers. The quality of my work caught the attention of some of the top photographers of the time, who hired me as their assistant and fine art printer. I enjoyed traveling the world with them for several years.

Finally, in 2005 I set out on my own, specializing in people, automotive and sports photography.



After graduating in advertising management, I first explored my profession as a Project and Event Manager for a variety of top agencies and clients in Hamburg.

In 2004 I benefitted from the great opportunity of working with renowned german photographer Mats Cordt. There, I found my passion and expertise: producing international photography projects for a wide variety of premium international clients.

It was there that I also got to know Frithjof as a creative talent and friend.


Since 2012 Frithjof Ohm incl. Pretzsch is that symbiotic partnership of a photographer and a producer,
the coming together of a generalized specialist, and a specialized generalist.

We create powerful imagery by channeling the raw energy of artistic talent and creative requirements via an effective and reliable production workflow.


Celsiusweg 19
22761 Hamburg
+49 40 35587033
Matthias +49 172 4154085