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Porsche, with Müsli, no raisins.

Maybe you remember:
"Courage changes everything". Here is the second online magazine and coffee table book story for the international launch of the all new Porsche Panamera headlined with this claim. This time we went to Passau, Bavaria and met Mr. Max Wittrock one of the founders of the successful and fast growing first online-muesli start-up, We got impressed by the spirit of that company,  learned a lot about fast changing light and weather conditions and also the mysterious fog in that "City of Three Rivers".
Get the full range here! And your muesli here!


Our first time with Opel and the agency Scholz&Friends Hamburg turned out to be a great thing. They were launching the All-New Insignia Grand Sport and Sports Tourer, we were asked to make their "flagships" shine in the streets of Los Angeles for the complete catalogue and campaign artwork.
This is to be followed by a bunch of freestyle materials, coming up soon.
But first go here to check that series and be excited for more.